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Sun-Tracking Solar Cell

Japanese paper art is typically used to create dainty folded cranes and paper snowflakes, but now, researchers are using it to inspire

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3D Reality

Have you ever wished that the characters in your coloring book could come alive — leap from the page and dance around, perhaps? Well, good news:

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Wearable Sensors

Wearable sensors could one day interpret the gestures in sign language and translate them into English, providing a high-tech solution

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Rat Brain

Scientists have digitally recreated a slice of a juvenile rat's brain — including 31,000 brain cells, of 207 different types, with 37 million connections.

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What is e-Arumbu?

e-Arumbu is an informational website which is developed by the Science Union of Jaffna,Vembadi Girls' High School.

How often do you launch this?

We launch this once a year during the months October and November.The science day of the school is celebrated during this period.This is also a part of the science day.

What made you to start this process?

We annually release a magazine called "Arumbu".However it doesn't reach many people as the number of copies are limited for a certain extent.It made us to think something globally and technologically.We also had the thought to produce a talented web developing team every year.

Do you publish articles of outsiders?

At the moment,No.  However We will consider this in the near future.

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